We have 1 bedroom units, 2 bedroom units and 3 bedroom units.


One Bedroom Units

At 700 sq feet, the one bed units have an open plan for the lounge and kitchen areas, the kitchens have granite counter tops and built in cabinets, one bathroom that has a shower cubicle and toilet. The bedroom has built in wardrobes.


Two Bedroom Units

These rest on 950 sq feet and have the same open plan as the one bed units for the lounge and kitchen areas, one bathroom sharing with a shower cubicle and toilet. The bedrooms have built in wardrobes too.

We love what we’ve done with the spaces for the ones and twos; they are compact yet very cozy. The seats and beds are built in too and double up as extra storage.threebedroom

Three Bedroom Units

Our three bedroom units are our largest at 1,700sq feet with built in wardrobes, spacious sitting, dining and balcony areas, large kitchen with a dhobi and pantry. Granite counter tops & built in cabinets for the kitchens.

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